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Issues and Manifesto


As a senator representing Lagos Central District, I will focus on implementing policies that will promote the dignity of the poorest, most vulnerable and deprived persons in my constituency and the federation. Towards this aspirations, below are some of my immediate goals;


1.              To support Nigeria's attainment of the  of the Millennium Development Goals MDGs-  expand access to education for the poorest, most vulnerable and under privileged young girls and boys by getting policies that target suitable environment for Increased enrolment of students at basic education level especially girls seeking alternatives children who are outside formal education structure  and unable to access thus bridging the gap between the children of .


2.   In line with the UN convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities - to protect and enhance the rights and opportunities of Nigerian living with disabilities, I will pursue policies that will create accessibility for persons with in public space.


3. To increase focus on Nigeria’s high mortality rate, which is the highest in the world towards making it a top priority in the country’s agenda on health reforms, I will promote initiatives that increase antenatal care coverage during pregnancy. As it stands in Nigeria, only 48% of women have access to antenatal care and this has led to a high number of deaths especially in the rural areas, where the poorest and most vulnerable currently resid


4.  Also in support of MDG goals and to pay prompt attention to the warnings of hazards of climate change on our environment and life as we know it on the planet, I will pursue the implementation of strategic policies to mitigate the effects of climate change in Nigeria.